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Obituary for Danielle Lea "Booie" Fisher

Danielle started her journey at the beginning of 1974 in Calgary. Born to Carol and Dale, she was the middle child, flanked by Chris and Kyla. From her debut, she always made her presence known. Booie was definitely not the silent type and could be guaranteed to enliven family gatherings. Among friends, she was perhaps not the most loquacious, but almost certainly the loudest. Sports were an excellent outlet for much of her energy and she enjoyed accolades in both the swimming pool and the track. She was a gifted athlete, but it was probably her stubbornness and determination that most often permitted her to reach the podium.

Her adult life sent her to Edmonton, Victoria and other regions of British Columbia. Danielle loved to mix adrenaline and nature, the ideal tools to assuage her competitive spirit and excess vigour. Mountain biking was responsible for many thrills in BC, overseas and even hooking her up with her future husband Steve. Kayaking permitted her to explore the bays and inlets around Sooke and Haida Gwaii. And swimming in a tiny, idyllic Vancouver Island lake allowed her to be uninhibited and free from worries.

Danielle was childless, but exhibited a great adoration for children. She chose a career in accounting for practical reasons, but most certainly would have met exceptional success and fulfillment had she continued down her original path as a speech pathologist. She loved nothing more than to spend time with little people and knew exactly how to engage them, often transforming into a kid herself!

Eight years ago Dani’s life took a sharp twist on a downward trajectory. She struggled with alcoholism and all the wickedness of addiction. The last few years saw signs of improvement, but tragically, her journey abruptly ended on a balmy, summer afternoon at the age of 49. She was taken from us early, but achieved peace in one of her happy places – hanging out with friends, in the great outdoors and having a grand time. Booie's rambunctious energy, generous spirit and raucous laughter will be missed by her mother, siblings and many other family and friends.